Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've been busy making curtains for my classroom.  I made two and discovered that the two were only going to cover one window.  Back to Hobby Lobby for more material and ribbon.  Oh, well!! Since I'm going with a black and white theme this year I chose a white material with a black print.  I added a beautiful blue ribbon at the bottom to go with my bulletin board paper that I will be using throughout the room..Hard to see in the picture, but you get the idea.

I also created a poster for my classroom rules.  I have been needing to update my old one so I created one to match my classroom decor.  It turned out super cute.  You can purchase one with my Back to School Book (including a review of classroom rules and clocks) unit on TPT.  The black and white border is really just a poster from Creative Teaching Press.  I printed the poster out at my local copy shop for 79 cents!!! Then, I added the Classroom Rules poster to the poster from CTP and voila!! 

I've created cute owls for my classroom theme this year and have been buying up every owl thing I can get my hands on that I think will be appropriate for my classroom.  You'll just have to check back later as I post pics of all those things including the owls with my students names I created using my Cricut for a welcome back bulletin board. I'm super excited for the new year.

Till then.  Hope you all had a great Sunday! 

Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Prep

This is a blog about how my "little people" become so "fabulous at first" grade.  Follow me throughout the school year to see the fun things we do in order to enrich learning and encourage students to succeed. 

Even though it's summer, I'm gearing up for a great school year.  I just returned from The Writing Academy in Kemah, Texas where we experienced torrential downpours and power outages.  Talk about a writing prompt.  Good thing Target was right across the street so lanterns could be provided.  The show must go on!

I'm decorating my room this year with Creative Teaching Press' new Black & White collection.  My accent color is going to be a light blue.  It's gonna' be super cute.  I'll be adding owls for a yearlong theme.  Check back in for pictures.  Check out my Smartboard  Owl Unit on TPT.    My students love this unit and love doing 'Owl Reports' which is included in my Owl Unit.  They think they are soooo smart!!  Well, you can't blame them.

I'm not only getting my classroom decor ready, but back to school treat bags (owl themed, of course) and first day of school art projects.   I can't wait!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!