Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Leaf Exchange

My first graders will be picking something up off the ground and exchanging it for something another group of first graders will be picking up off the ground. What is it? You guessed it....pecans and fall leaves. Since we don't have fall leaves in our part of the country, I called a school in Waterville, Maine and asked if they could supply the leaves. They graciously agreed and the swap was on. My kids picked pecans up, we had them cracked, packed them, baked some pecan treats, and shipped them off to Maine. Both parties were happy with their newly acquired treasures. We hung the fall leaves in our classroom window and they were beautiful. The first graders at Temple Christian Academy sent us the most gorgeous red, orange, and golden leaves you have ever seen. They pressed the leaves between two pieces if waxed paper with an iron and they lasted until late spring. It was amazing. This will be the perfect time for my Fall Unit which has several leaf activities. What a great way to bring fall into a city that doesn't really go through fall.

This is Temple's playground with a tree full of gorgeous red leaves. 
This is one of the classes that we swapped with several years ago.

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