Monday, May 12, 2014

Pirate Day

Everywhere I look I see pirates!!  Pirates on Pinterest, pirate birthday parties, pirates, pirates, pirates. So I decided to have a pirate day myself with my little people. I knew they would have a blast with math and literacy, both, if I disguised it behind a bunch of pirates. And, they did!!  My students were thanking me repeatedly for the pirate day and all the activities that went along with it. Here are a few. 

I invited my students to dress up and they took the challenge seriously!!  

We read Jake and the Neverland Pirates and then they had to answer comprehension questions or walk the plank!!  Okay, everyone got to walk the plank and catch a cannonball which my aide fired at them.  They had to pop their cannonball which had their comprehension question in it. Then, if they couldn't answer their question, I fed them to the sharks, which you see pictured. 

They had to dig for buried treasure and make a list of the items they found using their phonics skills to spell the words as best they could. 

They had to count the loot they recovered from Cpt. Hook and add it all up using tens frames to help them. Math activities available on TPT. 

We used lots of our math skills and had fun doing it. 

We turned this old fashioned game into  subtraction practice. 

And, of course, we had a snack. It was a fun day. We'll worth the time and effort!!

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