Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flipped Lessons, flipped pecans, and flipping out over balloons

Wow! What a busy week we have had!! We had our second "flipped" lesson and follow-up activity in class the next day. The kids got to sort different kinds of crackers according to shape and then draw some shapes of their own. They worked busily and quietly. They all understood the difference between a square and a rectangle after the flipped lesson that they viewed at home. And, they enjoyed eating the manipulative afterwards! :-)

Then, we pulled in all our gathered pecans and packaged them to be sent to our friends in Waterville, Maine. We are looking forward to receiving our leaves and Maine apples. We can't wait to get a class picture from them so we can see what kids look like in Waterville, Maine.

Finally, we ended our week with a "balloon stomp" to reinforce addition and subtraction skills. I have NEVER had so much fun listening to my students practice their addition and subtraction facts. Thank you to Ron Clark from the Ron Clark Academy for the inspiration. Definitely worth it. I think this was more fun than Halloween for the kids.  Everyone cheered for everyone else and EVERYONE had fun.  The kids just kept thanking me and hugging me.


I had the parents blow up balloons and write one addition or subtraction problem on each balloons.  The students had to find a balloon that they knew the answer to and give me the whole equation out loud before they could pop their balloon.  Just Fun!

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