Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hands on Hundreds Place

This week we have been working on understanding just how many is a hundred. Our flipped lesson this week was a video on place value and the hundreds place. Today in class the kids had to make rows of ten of whatever object I gave them. Then once they had ten tens, they were to put the objects in the hundreds place of their sorting mat and keep on making rows of ten. I could see by the twinkle in their little eyes that they were beginning to understand the concept of the hundreds place. They were so excited when they arrived at the number to correspond with the amount of objects they had.
You can get my flipped lesson video and sorting may by clicking here.

 This is how a completed sorting mat looks. And, yes, the kids did this one themselves.
These boys were just fixing to move their stack of ten tens over to the hundreds place.  
 This group used pennies.  They were on their way to a successful sort.
This group had a more difficult time because their objects were four different sizes.

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