Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Add Kids

Here is a sneak peek at my classroom. Ian using black and white with blue. It really looks nice. I still have a few items to purchase for my room but for the most part this is it. I am a minimalist. I don't like a lot of distractions up in the room. But the kids have access to any resource they could need in a journal in their desk. Here are my walls.
This is how I display all my old class pictures. My students and parents all love to look at these. Quite a few comment on my hair style from years past. :-/

This is a special part of my classroom library. It is my "Book Buck" area. It will go on its own special shelf. Around November my students will begin checking these books out from my classroom library and begin reading them independently. They are not allowed to take them home. They must read them by themselves. When they are finished with the book, a parent volunteer will come and ask comprehension questions. If they get 75% or more correct, they get "book bucks". The more difficult the book the more money they earn. Then, once a month, we have "store". They get to buy lots of fun stuff. They absolutely LOVE this program. It is not mandatory. So there is no pressure. Yes, it is my version of AR. 

This is my computer desk with a print hanging above it that we sold at our school auction last year. Our theme this year is "Learning to Be the Light" so I couldn't resist decorating with Christmas lights donated to my class by my son and daughter-in-law. 

This is my center area. I package each center in its own little box and my students take the box to their desks to work on it. It may be a literacy center, a math center, or a writing activity. They enjoy doing these. I always reward them for their extra effort.

Now, all we need to do us just add kids and the room will be complete.

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