Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Book

I've been working on a Back to School Book for the little people to create the first day of school.  I want to make sure that they know the classroom rules.  I want to get them off to a good start.  I think this book cover turned out really cute.  Parents will be sure to notice it when it comes home at the end of the first day.  You can pick up my whole back to school pack at TPT.  Just look for my Back to School Book pack. It's full of activities for the first day and week.  Don't forget it has a printable poster for Classroom Rules and a section for telling time.  I want to ease them back into things but I want them to know what time they need to be at school..


I don't know why this next picture posted sideways.  I could not get it horizontal  Ugh!

Only two weeks of summer left.  I'm really excited to get back with my new group.  My daughter and her sweet college roommate shared an ipad game with me this weekend and I loved it soooo much that I created one for my little people.  I think they will have fun with it.  It's a take on Chicktionary.  Mine is called Hoot -n- Annie. It's an anagram game that will get the kids thinking about word structure, blends, rhyming words, and more.  I love tricking the kids into learning. ;-P  Check it out on TPT.

Sooooo much fun!!  Toodles!  Have a great week!

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